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Animation Praxinoscope
Rebuild the 100-year-old optical toy which demonstrates the working principle of modern animation..
Combination Lock Kit
Build this multi-purpose combination lock and learn how the mechanism works! Choose your own ..
Doorbell Making Kit
Learn about electromagnetism and transform a metal screw into a magnetic hammer. Complete an ..
Flying Science
The Kidz Labs Flying Science is new to Great Gizmos this year. Build fun flying toys and learn th..
Illusion Science
Amaze your friends and family with all these exciting illusion tricks. Experience dynamic illusio..
Kidz Labs - Human Organs
Try your hand at physiology! Learn human body Science while having fun. Make interesting mode..
Kidz Labs - Human Torso Anatomy
Be a junior surgeon! Study the specially designed human torso, which comes with a compact car..
Kidz Labs - Intruder Alarm
Learn the Science of connecting an electric circuit. Construct your own door buzzer and place..
Magnet Science Kit
4M Magnet Science Kit contains a super magnet set that could be used to perform 10 fun experiment..
Math Magic
Learn how to Read Minds. Astonish your friends with Speed Calculations. Amaze your audience w..

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