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UGEARS - Theatre
Theater isn’t a run-of-the-mill mechanical project – it is a beautiful and fascinating 3D puzzle ..
UGEARS - Tractor
The tractor is a thundering greetings from the past century! That’s why you won’t see any electro..
UGEARS - Trailer for Tractor
Every tractor should have a farm trailer*! Special lever can tip the trailer. It has everything y..
UGEARS - Tram with Rails
Tram (also known as tramcar or streetcar) is one of the oldest types of urban transportation. ..
UGEARS - Truck "UGM-11"
The UGM-11 Truck represents a new generation of UGEARS mechanical models with greater sophisticat..
UGEARS – Mechanical Safe
The safe by UGears is a quirky way to keep your secrets and treasures. When assembled it becomes ..

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