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Lego ATV Patrol
Help. there's a snake! The crook is busy hiding a backpack full of loot in the swamp when a long,..
LEGO City Fire Response Unit
Kids will love conquering a building challenge and being part of the crew that helps protect LEGO..
LEGO City Fire Starter Set
Get into the firefighting action on land and water with the LEGO City Fire Starter Set, featuring..
LEGO City Police ATV Arrest Building Kit
Be part of the action with the LEGO City Police as they keep the city safe, featuring a police AT..
LEGO City Tire Escape
Patrol the waters of LEGO City on the police water scooter! Respond to the call that a crook is p..
LEGO Creative Bucket
With more than 600 colorful elements, the LEGO Creative Bucket offers a world of unlimited buildi..
LEGO Creator Fast Car
Kids can experience the joys of hitting the road with the super-cool LEGO Fast Car. This model ca..
LEGO Creator Lakeside Lodge
Build an opening log cabin with a campfire, fishing pier, stove, bed, and more – plus a buildable..
LEGO Creator Propeller Plane
Kids will love to take the Propeller Plane to the skies with this 3-in-1 LEGO Creator model. The ..
LEGO Creator Twin Spin Helicopter
Build a twin-rotor transport helicopter with working double rotors, a functional winch, elevated ..

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